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Porfiloio Design

Project Overview
This is my personal portifolio design project, It guided me when developing the website you are currently.
Responsibility: Visual Designer, Interface Designer, Web Developer
I started this design project by first stating the value I want to pass (You can check the brand identity brief case study here). I listed all the relevant skills I have and categorized them into three:
  1. 1. UX Design
  2. 2. Visual Design
  3. 3. Web Development
The above categories guided how I designed the whole layout of the webpages, I further decided to have a light mode and darkmode as you can see, the header has switch button that you can use to toggle betweeb each mode. Check out the designs below
Gideon Ogunkola's project
Gideon Ogunkola's project
I enjoyed working on this personal project. Kindly click the button below to check more on behance.

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