A cloth donation app

Project Overview
Clothen is a cloth donation app that allows smooth donation of clothes to the less previlege, family and friends. The app also allows monetary support to upcoming non-profit projects
Responsibility:Interface Designer, and UX Researcher.
The very first stage of my process was the empathy stage where I carried out research by conducting interviews for 8 people to understand their donating experiences. Below are some of the pain-points:
  1. Can't track donation records
  2. Don't have motivation to donate
  3. Hate lack of feedback from NGOs
After curating the pain points, I created the empathy map which later guided me in creating personas for the project.
Gideon Ogunkola's project
After this, I brainstormed on all possible solutions to address the painpoints, I noted different kinds of suggestions. The idea was to get large quantity of ideas that can be narrowd down late. I came up with the features for the mobile app before moving on the design the low fidelity prototype.
With the low-fideity prototype created, i moved a step forward by desgning and getting all the visual elements needed for the app, and then later designed the high fidelity prototypes. After this stage, I invited some users that I interviewd earlir fo usability testing. Most of the users could use the app but only one of them couldn't not understand where to go from the main page, so I added a brief istruction direction for every new users. I also included some features such a voice bot, abd ability to change language that considers inclusion and accesibility.
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