Food Delivery

A food delivery app

Project Overview
This is a food delviery app with tracking option. User sees a list of featured restuarants closers to them, selects any of their choice, see available menu, order for food and then track the delivery to know how soon the food will be delivered.
Responsibility: Visual Designer, UX Researcher, Interface Designer
I started this project by carrying our researh online to get the number of people who orders food online. This will allow me check the viability of the projec. See below for the breakdown.
Gideon Ogunkola's project
After this, I brainstormed on all possible solutions to address the painpoints, I noted different kinds of suggestions. The idea was to get large quantity of ideas that can be narrowd down late. I came up with the features for the mobile app before moving on the design the wireframe.
Gideon Ogunkola's project
With the wireframe created, I moved a step forward by desgning and getting all the visual elements needed for the app, and then later designed the high fidelity prototypes. Check out some of the featured screens
Gideon Ogunkola's project
Gideon Ogunkola's project
For full casetudy and more screens. Kindly click the button below to check more on behance.

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