An on-demand service app

Project Overview
Handyman is an on-demand service app that connects users to professional service providers such as plumbers, barbers, babysitters, cleaners e.t.c.
Responsibility: Visual Designer, UX Researcher, Interface Designer
I started this project by creating a survey to understand how users currenlty access their service providers and problem they are currenly facing with them. One of the key things I got is that users are skeptical about leaving a stranger alone, they are also face the problem of incomplete work after full payment. I curated these painpoint to write two personas that represented the all the target audience.
Gideon Ogunkola's project
Gideon Ogunkola's project
After this, I brainstormed on all possible solutions to address the painpoints, I noted different kinds of suggestions. The idea was to get large quantity of ideas that can be narrowd down late. I came up with the features for the mobile app before moving on the design the low fidelity prototype.
Gideon Ogunkola's project
With the low-fideity prototype created, i moved a step forward by desgning and getting all the visual elements needed for the app, and then later designed the high fidelity prototypes. After this stage, I invited some users that filled the survery to book an appointment with a service provider, 90% percent were able to use the app seemlessly without any assistance attesting the to fact that they enjoyed the beautiful interface.
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